Picking at the turn (strategy)

Inaugural draft is this Friday and I am still unsure…

A lot of young, super talented RB’s around the 1.12, 2.01 turn… however both Keenan and Mike Evans will more than likely be available…

What do you guys try and do at the turn?.. depending on who falls, obviously.

Also… I traded away my 3rd and 4th round picks. I feel as if this puts a lot of pressure on these first two picks. Any insight would be appreciated.

Much thanks footclan!

last bit of information… my league is not a pure dynasty format. Mainly the difference is we play until we have a back-to-back winner (who gets a big jackpot which adds up over the years.)

Feel as if this is crucial info in deciding the strategy i must take. I believe many owners in the league will lean towards “Win-now” guys but that being said, it may be a large enough group of them that will beat each other up and none of them could end up winning back-to-back early with my 5th round picks. I have four of those within the 5.01-6.01 range.

This is why I am leaning Mike Evans and Keenan. I have (3) first round picks in 2019 that I could use to bolster my RB corp and I plan to target Royce and Johnson.

I did two serpearte dynasty startups. I went WR heavy early and I plan to do that in dynasty satrups

1st draft: 1.09 MIchael Thomas, 2.03 Keenan allen, 3.02 Digs (traded up), 4th round sony, 5th coleman
2nd draft: 1.07 Michael Thomas, 2nd julio, 3rd Sony, 4th Watkins, 5th Freeman (this was right after nfl draft)