Picking Early

Since Olsen and Woodhead are going to return soon, is it worthy to pick them up right now?

I have Duke Johnson, McCoy, Howard and McCaffrey as RBs.
I have Doyle as TE, and Hunter Henry and Olsen waiting in the waiver wire.


If you are playing in a PPR format I think you’re good at RB. Duke Johnson, McCaffrey and Woodhead all play the same pass catching limited rushing attempts role in less than stellar offenses. Doyle is doing great as their offense is always having to play catch up. I would pick up Olsen if you have the roster space as Benjamin has been shipped out of Carolina and Cam has a comfort level with Olsen from previous years.

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@marc_cuevas thanks bro, my league is standard one. Would yo do the same?

I don’t think you need Woodhead. Olsen could take some of CMC’s targets but I don’t think you need Woodhead.

I’d stash Olsen with Benjamin now gone

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Woodhead would be the lowest RB I’d rank between the set of RB’s you mentioned. Alex Collins has carved out a role in Baltimore as their thumper so Woodhead’s rushing yardage will very limited. He will get yardage as pass catching 3rd down back taking all Buck Allen’s touches I would predict. Duke Johnson has been consistently getting targets with Kizer at QB. I view him more like Tyreek Hill light with a couple more carries per game than a running back. I would still take a chance on Olsen as Cam’s go to guy. So pretty much my opinion would be the same in standard.

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If you have the IR spot and it isn’t filled I would say Olsen. He has huge upside for the TE when he get back for playoff weeks. And Benjamin being gone adds more value for McCaffrey and Olsen when he is back.