Picking keepers on 08/17

I can’t decide if I should keep joe Nixon and lose 1st rd pick or Kenny Golladay and lose 10 rd pick. I am keeping S. Diggs for a 4th. Full point PPR and I have the sixth overall pick and the 12th overall in the 2nd round. I know a few teams keepers already but not all. I am thinking the highest rank players available will be Damian Williams Mike Evans Keenan Allen Melvin Gordon who is not playing right now and Travis Kelce. I Am pretty positive joe mixon will not make it back to me at the draft. What does everyone think?

Joe Nixon:


Lmao that’s awesome. Not even going to edit it

I’m assuming the big RBs will all be kept so for me I think I would keep Mixon to ensure you have a top RB1. But if you think you can get Damien Williams, that would probably be the ideal (riskier but better end result with Kenny G)

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I would lean Kenny but depending on the RB options in the first. Taking Mixon as a 6th pick seems high and not a value in the first. Kenny is going as early as the 4th Rd. and you get him in the 10th. He has Smooth Routes!!

I would say the best RB available would be Chubb, freeman, D Williams, Arron jones, josh Jacobs, Fournette, Melvin Gordon. That would be best available I would guess. Than I’d take best available in the 2nd. So what do you think?

based on that I think Mixon is a better pick than anything else that will be available for your first pick, so I’d take him there. Golloday is a better value, but getting a strong RB1 is huge and Mixon can fill that role unless you’re willing to take a chance with Gordon, though I think Bell has made us all a bit more cautious about that situation