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Picking Keepers


I attached a picture of my team and where everyone was drafted. My league allows 2 keepers and they come in as the round before they were drafted in the previous year (If a player was taken in the 10th round in 2016 he would be a 9th round keeper in 2017). PPR league and I was leaning toward T Williams and H Henry or T West. Any input would help!


I think your instincts are right. T. Williams and Henry is where I’d lean.


I might be missing something here. Williams and West appear to have been undrafted? What rounds would you need to give up for them? Allen Robinson in the 3rd is fair value.


If they were undrafted, they go in the last round of the draft.


yeash. im taking the 2 that can do the most for me at the cheapest value on this team. and thats west and williams. i would consider robinson, but a 3rd is a bit pricey in my book for him. i can see your want of henry, but until gates is gone he just isnt worth the pick. especially with the growing amout of mouths to feed. i stay away from him, and get a RB and WR.


Any of those 3 you named for a last round pick seems like good value, as well as A-Rob in the 3rd. I would probably lean West and Williams, though. With Mike Williams out, Tyrell could potentially produce as much as A-Rob, and at a much cheaper price.


Thank you everyone for your responses!


As some other guys have mentioned, the undrafted guys (Williams, West & Henry) are sure things.

Unless… Allen Robinson’s current PPR ADP is 36.

If your (12 team?) league is taking 24 of the top players off of the board, suddenly A-Rob is valued in the mid-teens overall. To keep him in the 3rd round is then a good value… as well as better than anybody else you’d be able to get in the 3rd. (That of course depends a bit on what your draft number is.)


I would agree with most with Williams and West. D Henry in the 6th is just to pricey for me as you are waiting for Murray to get injured before you have a stud. If he doesn’t you are screwed


We were saying Hunter Henry, not Derrick Henry


Yes its 12 team, but the keepers aren’t going to be the best 24 players off the board, just like Williams, West, and Henry are not in the top.