Picking Two Keepers

I am in an 8 Team Auction league and we are getting close to the deadline to submit our keepers for this year before we start our 2018 draft. We choose two keepers but are charged a 10% mark up on each player. Out of the list below, who do you think are my best options? I was not able to designate any free agents or trades I might have picked up during the season as a Keeper. Listed only the players that qualified. The top 3 I am considering at this moment are Carson Wentz, Fournette, and Ingram. I am just worried if Ingram will be able to produce as he did last year knowing that he shares the backfield with Super Kamario.

We have $200 to spend on players. I pick 2 Keepers and get charged a 10% mark up.

Our Format 2 QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, Def:

QB: Drew Brees ($22), Carson Wentz ($6)
RB: Fournette ($28), McCaffery ($9), Ingram ($10)
WR: Cooks ($29), A. Jeffery ($17)


Is this PPR or standard? If PPR, I’m taking CMAC and Wentz. If Standard, probably fournette over wentz.

I normally never advocate for Keeping a QB, but in an 8 man league, securing a top 4 QB talent and top 3 TE talent are actually extremely important to get that positional advantage. Every team is going to be stacked /deep at WR and RB so you have to secure the scarce assets where you can. Also, you’re getting Wentz for incredibly cheap. Only guys I’d take above Wentz are Rodgers and maybe Luck if healthy.

Also, just realized its a 2QB league so the decision is even easier.

I get the feeling your team did pretty decent last year so congrats!

Not much experience with 2 QB leagues that small. That said, 28 and 9 for 2 stud RB’s (especially PPR as mentioned above) seems like great value. So much so that you’re maybe able to apply those funds (you’re probably saving 40-50$ on those 2 guys) to going back and getting Wentz.

May be important to realize what other people are keeping to (if they’ve leaked that). If Wentz is the only big QB getting left on the market it may change things.

In a small 8 person league, I don’t see you needing to keep Cooks or Jeffrey. I think you can get both of those players around those values… and there will be decent WR’s sitting around for that price as well. If a PPR league, neither of those players really benefit much from that either (both players were big play/touchdown dependent).

We are a standard scoring league. I was thinking Fournette and Wentz since the price seems pretty good on Wentz and he would be a solid ranked QB. You guys really think McCaffery is worth a Keeper? I was not really considering him especially since we are standard scoring.

If it’s standard scoring, then probably not. CMac’s value all comes from the passing game. If its standard, I would probably go fournette.

Or potentially keep both Brees and Wentz. Locking down 2 of the top 6 QBs in a 2 QB league for 15% of the budget doesn’t seem like the worst call to me.