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Picking up Corey Clement, who do I cut?


Looking to add Corey Clement based on pure upside/see what happens.

WR1: Jordy Nelson
WR2: Brandin Cooks

So who do I cut from my bench?
Jeremy Maclin
Marvin Jones
Cooper Kupp


In that scenario I’d drop Kupp if you really want to jump on Clement. They’re the same type of unproven/potential upside kind of players while Marvin and Maclin are both going to be a little more consistent and are proven.


Yeah I don’t think I cut Maclin. I see Kupp as a Cole Beasley role with Sammy Watkins emerging as the #1 WR there.

I think I’m going to go with Jones. He had some big games last year but that was the first few weeks. So far he has 6 catches for under 100 yards and even more mouths to feed in DET.


Just kidding, the Rams play @Dallas which will work for Cooper but then it’s Seattle, @Jacksonville and Arizona followed by a bye week. He’s sitting on the shelf for a month most likely. We’ll see who Clement is by then.