Picking up Foreman

I’ve got Hooper and Njoku as my TEs, worth dropping Njoku to pickup the returning Foreman? No one else on my roster is droppable…

This is a tough question. I’m in a similar boat but considering dropping Kenyan Drake. Pre-injury this would be without question. Problem is none if he will be able to come back from injury. So I guess the question is it depends on your RB depth. I don’t think I’ll be doing it cause it would leave me with Chubb, jones, Barkley and foreman at rB

Probably makes sense for me to drop a WR given I’ve got 6 and only have 4 RB’s.

Corey Davis
Keenan Allen
M Jones

Anything worth swapping to Foreman?

Ended up dropping Reynolds for Foreman, but damn no idea if Foreman will even lace up this season.