Picking up jordan howard? Is it worth it?

Howard went off last night and he’s sitting on waivers right now. I could drop malcolm brown for him. Is it worth it or was that just a one time blow up?

He’s sitting on my waivers too. Me and some friends were talking about it. Howard is a good back. But Sanders is definitely the better back by far. So last night could have been just a blow up game. But, it doesn’t hurt just to grab him and see if he does it again just in case

Absolutely grab him. The Rams running game has been one to stay away from this season. M Brown is a roster clog right now.

As a Miles Sanders owner owning a Eagles running back is brutal. It’s a true RBBC and you don’t know how many touches players are going to get game to game. Howard has had 6, 3, 10, and now 31 points in his 4 weeks. I personally always gravitate towards consistent players so I would stay as far away from Howard as I could. You are going to be hoping for a big weak, but his floor is very low. If you really need a RB on a bye week I guess you could play him, but that is the only time he would be in my lineup unless he shows more consistency which I don’t see happening in that system, plus I don’t think he’s that good of a running back to start with.

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with sdatkins, its hard to see him having that level of production each week with how even the snaps/touches are with them. but that being said, i think he would be an upgrade stash than malcom brown as he at least will see the field more often and have flex potential for certain matchups and better play during a bye week if you get hit hard at the RB.