Picking up LFitz off Waivers? Yay or Nah?

I’ll be honest, I’ve already put in the waiver claim, but I’m yet to grab a waiver since I’m playing in a priority waiver league and I’m having a lot of success - but I’m trying it anyway.

Someone tilted in my league and just straight up dumped Larry and I am all about it, if I can get my hands on him - especially since it’s a 16 team league. NO ONE is available on FA.

Any feeling out there about what the offensive production might be in AZ going forward? I know it’s gonna be a tough year, but I own Antonio Brown, and to say I’m surprised by his production would be an understatement, so I’ll take whatever advantages I can get.

16 Team league and some idiot dropped fitz… yeah… I would pick him up.

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