Picking up Olsen for later?

Is Shepard droppable?
Read that olsen could be back by week 6, I already have george kittle but if olsen returns he could be a good trading piece later on? What do you guys think?

I’m assuming you mean sterling shepard and he’s not a drop at all. He gets the targets and OBJ is stinking it up. Unless I’m missing something, Shepard is a keeper

If you have room on your roster to stash Olsen, do it. He’s already working out on the sidelines, so it’s possible he could come back and be a piece of that offense.

But for god’s sake, don’t drop shep to do it. He has been the beneficiary of all the coverage and attention OBJ has been getting, and he’s capable to exploiting it, too.

haha thanks for that guys i didn’t drop him haha but who if anyone is droppable from my bench though?
McCoy, Cooper, Lockett, Shepard, Davis, Collins, A. Jones

maybe lockett? I never use him but i know my league mates would be hype to see him on the waiver wire

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Yeah, Lockett’s the one guy I’d consider dropping, but…not yet!