Picking up player off waivers and dropping kicker?

I want to pick up James Conner just in case Bell holds out. I like my bench so I was thinking about dropping my kicker and waiting until the last min and dropping Conner if Bell reports next week, then add my kicker back to my roster. Does this sound like a OK move?

It does, but I would check to see who else in your league doesnt have a kicker also. There could be a mass rush at the end to get a kicker

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It’s a very astute move. And I don’t care if the rest of the league is going to pick up 2 kickers a piece, kicker is a very inconsistent and unpredictable position. Taking a player who could pop at a position that matters, even if it’s a low percentage play, is a smart move.

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Do it. I do those kinds of things every week just about.