Picks for D Williams

Would you guys trade your 2020 1st most likely anywhere from 1.07 to 1.12 for damian Williams?

The 2020 class should be very talented and deep. Damien Williams should be very good in KC but could lose his job at any point. Plus, only being on a 2 year deal means he could be 100% irrelevant next year. All that being said, yes, 100% trade a late 2020 for Williams. I always recommend taking the known vs the unknown. And you’re getting a top 15, with top 5 potential, RB. Even if it is a 1 year rental, its worth it. And if he does stay as the guy, its even better.

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Ok thanks for advice

Im with michael_pounders . Not sure if Williams will be there next year and hes never been a full time back before. Not saying he wont be good, But 2020 draft is supposed to be stacked. Im trading for all the 1st rounders next year

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My rb core right now is Fournette, Lindsay (feel Royce will take over), J White, C Carson, R Penny and C Thompson

If you are a contender and Williams is what puts you over the top, i would do that for sure. People forget williams didn’t get drafted because of off the field issues. If he wasn’t a tool in college, I’d bet he would’ve been taking within the 1st 3 rounds.

Trading mid-to-late 1st for immediate production this year from someone who has top 5 upside is always worth it. Not to mention if he does well, he just gets to keep the job. Wouldn’t be the first time a UDFA took over lead duties. A-la Arian Foster.


Thanks for helpful advice guys I went ahead and made the trade. Now I’m trying to get Barkley for D Williams and P Lindsay and something else

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As a Barkley owner in a Dynasty league, You would have to offer a lot more to get him from me. Thats just me though.

Unless that something else is multiple 2020 1sts, going to be a tough sell.

Yeah you guys are probably right I might just use some of my RBs to get an upgrade at WR since I only have JuJu and mike Evans and absolutely nothing after that

Also while I have you guys on this thread do you guys think James white for Dante Pettis is a fair trade . PPR dynasty league

If you have a top contending team with a shot at the title and two other top 12 TBs. I would do it. If “no” in any of those categories, I would hold until he starts producing, then sell him on week 3 for 2020 1st and a young WR like A Miller.

My rb core is Fournette, P Lindsay, D Williams, J White, Chris Thompson, Chris Carson, Rashad Penny and few others like Kalen Ballage, Bryce Love and Jay Ajayi

If you’re in a 12 team, I would hold. You have young RBs. Or package him to get a young stud WR from a D Williams believer, not a pick. But that’s me. Good luck on your decision.

I would be willing to give up white for Pettis regardless of situation. Look at the games for white after Michel took over lead back duties and returned from injury/fully acclimated to offense. Was averaging like <10 points per game. had multiple games with <4 ppg. He was unusable. That’s how it is every year. ALl his points came in first half of the season when Edelman was suspended / michel was injured or still new and not used to offense. Now edelman will be there to start, michel will be there, harris will be there, and you also have harry who is excellent in short/intermediate YAC type throws. I will not be owning white this season. He’s overrated AF. And this is coming from a pats fan who watches every single pats game.

I do see @Ajayive_Turkey’s point about seeing what he does early in season and selling but honestly, with harris there now too, there’s a real chance that he continues his second half of season trend from last year. If yo can sell him for who I view as the 2nd best receiver on 49ers (1st being kittle), you take it. Especially given you said you lack WR depth and you have a tonne of mid-tier RB and depth with guys I’d start over white. It’s also whites contract year. Doubt NE pays him and as we’ve seen, backs that leave the pats are basically useless elsewhere (a la dion lewis, blounte, etc.)