Pickup freeman / aiyuk?

Should I drop a bench player to pick one of these guys up?

Is this a redraft league?

Yes redraft league

Hmm, I would keep who you have, mayybeee add one of them and remove Ben for one of those but honestly, freeman still doesn’t have a team and is expecting good money to go play for a team which won’t happen, and depending on who your QB1 is, Aiyuk just had injury news so he’s up in the air and is also a rookie so who knows if he is good, I stated him out as the 12th rookie WR for this rookie draft, but he’s also a 1st round pick so who knows. I think your bench looks great, I personally wouldn’t go for those guys, the training camp news hype is all we get to go by this year, it’s going to produce these swings for players that are just unnecessary, I think what you have is good, keep up to date on these players though. You may want to see if the Swift owner would trade for Kerryon, and possibly the Sony owner may trade for Harris, you might be able to get value out of those guys

Valid points, I’ll try and shop those two backs maybe I could drop Ben but for some reason everyone rosters two QBs don’t ask me why - I a tidally did this draft blind I didn’t get to do any research before hand and was doing it from my phone cause I was a dummy and forgot the date cause I went on vacation and got the notification on my phone - I drafted outta the 10 spot here’s the rest of my lineup

Oh yeah, with Mahomes as your 1 you should be able to drop/trade Ben easily. I would grab Aiyuk as a lottery ticket in place of him. On the Chiefs bye week I would just grab whoever you can that you think will do well. Ben is a luxury pick when you have Mahomes, vs. having a lottery ticket where you can win big when you have such an advantage at the position.