Pickup Jamal Williams, but drop who?

Aaron Jones owner who is fighting back at 2-4 right now. Who would you drop to scoop Williams in a full ppr?

Miles Sanders

other deeper, less appealing options
J Conner
Curtis Samuel
Josh Allen

Sanders, unlike Singletary, it’s not looking like Sanders is on the upswing.

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If you plan on playing williams I’d drop sanders but you’re going to have highs and lows taking a gamble when he hits.

I see Devin Singletary as having a safer floor and Sanders hasn’t proven yet that he is a ‘go-to’ option for the Eagles.

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Seems Sanders is the consensus. but scooping Williams on the chance he works more into the lineup, or Aaron Jones injury. After the game script shifted heavily in Williams favor, had me panicking for future.

Is it worth it to hand-cuff Jones to you guys on this?

If you have jones might as well. Just hard going forward with it being pretty much 50/50 split who will get the better runs