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Pickup Mike Gillislee?


.5 PPR. I could drop Allen Hurns for him. I’m not playing him, but feel like he would make an interesting bench stash since the Saints only have him and Kamara. I feel like Mike is going to play quite a bit because of that. Thoughts?


If I’m picking him up it’s to play him this week personally. I don’t want to pick him up to stash for a few weeks only to drop him


Had that thought too. But they do get Cleveland week 2 and Atlanta week 3. If he plays well this weekend I would probably start him against Cleveland for sure.


Cleveland was a top 10 defense against the run last year, just an FYI


I snagged him. I had Freeman get injured and mike wallace was on my bench and finished with zero so i dropped wallace and snagged him. If you have someone who’s not worthwhile IMO he’s worth the stash, he’s the only other RB on the roster until ingram gets back, and even with his return if he plays solid he might secure the RB2 role. And what’s the worst that happens, you drop him week 5. Most teams shuffle 6 players off the bench by that point anyway.


Oh yeah. I’m still getting used to considering the Browns a competitive team. Lol.


I ended up adding him in one league, but there is zero chance he takes over the “RB2” role when Ingram returns. If he has a great week 1, try and sell him for a more long term player.


I pulled the trigger. Found Aaron Jones on free agency too. Dropped Allen Hurns for Jones, moves Jones to my reserve spot, and picked up Gillisleee.


I think that is solid. I believe in Jones personally and at worst he will get work in a great offense


I won’t say zero chance. 1) NFL contracts seem to have injury clauses which could lead to benching. 2) Payton seems to prefer 3 headed monsters. If Gilly ends up with goal line duties, it could make him viewable as the RB 2 value wise. That said I do not expect Gilly to end up in that situation, i’m sure it will be Kamara/Ingram once Ingram’s back, but gilly to me is worth the snag just in case.