Pickup Samuels and drop who?

I’ve got Conner out this week and was thinking about picking up Samuels if there’s even the chance he does as well as Conner.

Who should I drop? Or should I stay pact? I have to drop a RB due to league rules and can’t hoard them all unfortunately.

RBs: Gurley, Chubb, Fournette, Kerryon, Michel, Ware, Conner, Cook.

IF (big IF) you drop anyone…I guess i would say Cook or Ware.

Naw why bother picking him up if you have plenty of players to start, handcuffs are more if there are no better options on your bench, you have plenty to take conners place

Yeah I’m looking in terms of blocking other players from using him since Ware doesn’t have a good ROS schedule

Unless you play on a platform where you can put him in the TE spot i would bother. This might ended up being a new RBBC. I know that is very ‘un-steelers-like’ but that is what the outlook has looked like till this point and you are stacked at RB.
But if you should drop someone i would monitor the Kerryon Johnson situation. I would not be surprised if they decide to put him on IR or in some way close him down for the season as the Lions have nothing to win and a lot to lose if they worsen that injury.