Pickup Sutton or A Jones

PPR. I also need to get a DST this week with ARZ on BYE. BUT…can always go back and stream one. My main concern with all the TRADES today is grabbing one of the big Target pickups first.

Thanks y’all

Mostly depends on your depth at each position. For flex, I think RBs tend to have a safer floor than any WR thats not a WR1, but Sutton may have the upside. I’d go for Jones though if you don’t care to target a position

Gurley, Chubb, Coleman, Smallwood and Ito

Dav Adams, Evans, Lockett, Cupp, Snead and C Kirk

Figuring to drop Ito for whoever.

I think I’d go for Jones. You’ll be great at WR once Cupp returns fully

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You need AJ worse imo. I’d pick up both if I were you. Drop Smallwood/Ito for AJ priority one. Drop the other for Sutton priority two.


Thanks a mil y’all. Already got A Jones as priority claim, but figuring prob won’t get him. So…yeah…might be able to get Sutton after. Just wanted to get the general consensus on who to throw in as Priority. :thinking:

AJ May be a league winner down the stretch. Nice RB2 compliment to Gurley. Furthermore, Gurley looks to clinch in the not so distant future and that worries me about his usage through the playoffs.

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And he’s clearly doesn’t care about records after that kneel. That was the one hope I had for him playing Week 16… that and the Saints go 14-1 going into week 16 lol. Uhhhhhh

Yeah…I, myself am getting nervous about Gurely. He’s been practically the only one that’s gotten me to 4-4. That’s why I’m also trying to decide whether to start thinking REALLLLLLLY HARD about Malcolm Brown or John Kelly. I’m sure Brown will be the FIRST backup…but after watching Kelly in pre-season…just REALLY, REALLY thinking he’ll be the END OF SEASON Rams RB to have on the Roster.

I’m sure they’ll want to use Brown over Kelly. They may split work a bit, but I’d rather handcuff Brown. I’ve been leaning that was as well though. Need to grab Brown before it’s too late.

Just a thought here tho, saw something today that said he did that at the end of the game because it was the smart thing to do. Made less of a chance for N.O. to have more time on the clock. So…actually…I think he did that for the better of the game and not concerning his record.

BUT…yeah…LOLOL…I was the same way at the time…thinking…WHATTTTTTT??? :rofl:

I meant that he doesn’t care about setting the TD records that he’s on pace to beat. This record setting year he’s having was my one hope for him playing in Week 16, but he clearly doesn’t care too much about the records and just wants to win (don’t blame him at all for that), so now I’m a bit more nervous

@ben_jamin627…I’m thinking that the way he’s been playing this year, prob a real good chance that he might still get that RECORD. I reckon my main concern is him going down before then, so really worried that I might need to cross THAT bridge BEFORE I get to it as far as his handcuff. BUT…since he’s gotten this far…maybe we should just :pray: and think good thoughts. LOL

BUT…again…yeah…the way this year’s been as crazy as it can get…can’t “count” on anything at this point. AND…so…to be smart…gotta look ahead and be ready for ANYTHING!!!

Please knock on wood as hard as you possibly can.

LOL…I just pulled out my boxing gloves. Cuz I’m fixing to “demolish” anything in my sight right now if that’s what it takes. 4-4 right now, and at this minute sitting in the P/O bracket…LOL…maybe in 6th place but…hey…at least getting a shot in the P/O’s is at least something!!! :smirk: