Picture you’re in the 8 spot of a 10 team standard

You’ve got the 8th pick in a 10 man standard. What’s your strategy?

I’m a fan of doubling up top end RBs as I’ve been seeing some potential WR1s dropping to me in the 3rd and 4th rounds consistently in mocks. Favorite pair lately has been with a combo of Hunt/Gordon/Cook/McKinnon, they each have phenomenal opportunity in their situations and will make drafting decisions much easier as you’re not scraping the bottom of the RB barrel later on.

My strategy is to go here: http://draft.thefantasyfootballers.com/simulator/start.jsp?sport=nfl and practice a BUNCH.
It depends what value falls. I tend to go for two RBs because you’ll get two guys who are LOCKED for workloads, which is something you can’t really find past round 2. (Gordon & Fournette or Cook)
In Round 3, it depends where value goes. If there’s a LOCKED AND LOADED WR1 left (Baldwin or something crazy falls) take them. Otherwise get Kelce/Ertz in 3 and Theilan/Fitz/ Hilton (if you trust Luck to be healthy) should fall in round 4, or if you like high risk with top 5 potential- Amari Cooper.
The value seems to tank after the 5th on RBs so I’d land someone like Guice there, whatever you do before, I almost always want 3 RBs by round 5, and 5 by round 10. After that, just grab whatever names you like. You can wait until your literal last pick and grab an Alex Smith. 2 QBs after ADP 15 finish top 6 every year for the last handful. Unless someone with an easy week 1 (Big Ben vs the Browns) falls into a value pick (round 11?)