Piecing together a dynasty team...Help!

Hi FootClan…brand new member and first time posting. Long story short, I inherited arguably the world’s worst dynasty team halfway through year before last and trying to piece this together. 12 team PPR, no kicker, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, TE, Def/Special teams. 2 of the 12 teams are megateams.

After MANY moves, current team:
QB: Lamar Jackson or Trubisky RB: Conner, Lindsay, Barber, Zenner, Yeldon, Samuels, Mostert WR: Boyd, MVS, Josh Reynolds, Keelan Cole, Goodwin, Robert Foster, Tim Patrick, Emmanuel Sanders, Hogan TE: Kelce (just acquired), and Burton. '19 draft picks: 2 firsts (with best chance at 1.01), 2 seconds and a third.

Obviously, need help at WR. Would you:
-Shop Kelce for a top 3-5 WR?
-I have an offer on the table for Lindsay and my top first for Damien Williams and Godwin. Thoughts?
-Stay put and use draft picks/waiver wire?

Feel free to shop Kelce. But don’t sell unless you get a treasure chest.

I would 100% not trade for Damien Williams… at least at that cost. However I would look to trade Lindsay away. Maybe package Lindsay and Sanders and offer to a contender?

Thanks man. Thoughts on Chris Godwin and Damien Williams for my first round pick (could be 1.01) and no Lindsay in the deal? Sound legit or still too much? I keep hearing this draft class is most likely disappointing. Probably a crapshoot either way.

Would you get Williams/Godwin for just the 1.01? Even if it’s the 1.01 and Lindsay, I’d probably take that deal but it’s close.

I would not. Williams is a total wild card.

The upside of the 1.01 is tremendous.

The 1.01 defines wild card, it’s a player that hasn’t even stepped on an NFL field… Williams has been electric as the starting KC running back and got an extension already. Gonna have to agree to disagree there. The upside of Williams is just as high as any player in this years draft. Most people would hope their 1.01 lands in as nice of a situation as williams already has.

I’m not saying that the 1.01 doesn’t carry risk. It does. However it’s value is far beyond Williams.

I strongly disagree with “The upside of Williams is just as high as any player in this years draft.” Willaims will be an undrafted 27 yo RB next year. He’ll be an excellent backup RB for the Chiefs.

Still worrying about draft stock of a 27 year old running back seems very contradictory. I don’t mean his long term outlook provides the same value based on age, but the upside as in the ceiling of where the 1.01 would hope to be (assuming an RB) is the RB1 in a high octane offense, which is what Williams is as of this moment. This class doesn’t have a Zeke or a Barkley, and keep in mind I was also assuming Godwin was in the trade too.

Yes, Chris Godwin would be in the deal. I get Williams, Godwin for my first (good shot at 1.01). Is that an overpay in everyone’s opinion?

I’m not worried about his draft stock. 32 NFL teams are…maybe 31.

This chart is provided by Russel Clay ( @ RussellJClay )

It helps visualize that NFL teams judge players by their draft stock in the opportunity provided and their respective actions on the field. Sometime they overcome. A great example is NFL undrafted Phillip Lindsay. The difference is that he was free to most people. Picked up off the waivers or a 2018 fifth round dynasty rookie pick. Paying up for this type of player, without clear proof of production is ludicrous in my mind.

But to each their own. I hope it works out for y’all.