Pierre Garcon - a RB Heavy Drafters Dream?

Some background, the leagues I’m in are .5 and full point PPR. I draft 7th out of 14 in snake order (Redraft league).

I’m looking to target RBs early, especially those who have PPR value like Shady McCoy and mid-rounders like Powell. In looking at later round WRs I’m trying to target guys like Tyreek Hill, Jamison Crowder, and especially Pierre Garcon.

I think his opportunities and garbage time points are too amazing to pass up, but how early will be too early to get Pierre in a 14 team league? Am I crazy for thinking late 6th early 7th?

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I tried a quick mock draft on Fantasy Draft Wizard going with your preferences (14-team PPR, drafting 7th, and grabbing RBs in rounds 1 & 2)…

1st & 2nd – Shady McCoy & Lamar Miller
3rd – Jarvis Landry (best PPR receiver available

From there, WR started getting shallow (14 teams & PPR!), so I went with your preferences for Rounds 4 & 5, grabbing Tyreek and Crowder. Both were just about to go off the board (by rank), and Bilal Powell was grabbed after Landry and before I could get him in the 4th.

As for your question… Garcon was the highest ranked WR on the board when it came to your mid-6th round pick. A few lower ranked guys had been taken, and the very next pick was also a WR…

All which translates to me thinking that 6th round isn’t too early but “just right” at the moment. If anything, it also hints that Garcon won’t be available in the 7th round, so if you hope to grab him without overpaying, look at the 6th round. (Currently. We’ll see as the offseason progresses.)