Pierre Garçon or Amari Cooper

Standard league 12 man who do I start at Wr Garçon or Cooper? I have Golden Tate as my other starting Wr.

Following because I have cooper or Garcon as well. Other WR is Michael Thomas

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I have cooper too in two leagues but nothing we can do but ride the boat. Dont overthink it this week, he is more talented than garcon

Yeah and Slay will probably shut Garcon down this week.

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I think I’m riding Cooper this week. Only caught three passes against Denver in two games last year, telling myself he is due.

Cooper killed me last week. Only needed a few grabs. Just can’t trust him. Rolling with Ted Ginn. Garcon is in a bad situation like Cooper but I would go with Cooper. Carr is going to air a couple out to him.

Thanks guys I’m going to give Cooper another shot wish me luck!