PIMP MY TEAM - 10man Dynasty Superflex

Guys according to my league I’ve been either lowballing my trades or going the other way and making ridiculous trades the other way (I traded Ertz and a 2nd,3rd round pick for Singletary and Waller) Now I don’t hate the trade myself as I’ve now got Waller/Andrews locked into TE and envision big things for Singletary but the whole trades a calculated risk which may backfire big time of course. Looking forward here’s the team. What’s some trades I could make to improve the squad going forward. (C Davis has one more chance otherwise he’s going Waiver next week)

QB - C Wentz / M Ryan
RB - A Kamara / M Mack / D Singletary / C Hyde / G Bernard (Bernard currently on waiver claim to get Darwin Thompson or Justin Jackson)
WR - T Hill / S Watkins / C Ridley / E Sanders / A Jeffery / C Davis / J Ross / AJ Brown
TE - M Andrews, D Waller

Potential trade i’m considering is Wentz/Jeffery for L Jackson and then bringing in a Rookie QB to stash.

Thanks in advance