PIT D vs LAR or SF D vs SEA?

Normally this wouldn’t be a question but I have a hunch the PIT D might do better this week – they’ve been coming on the last few games and the Rams are wounded on offense, with Cooks out and only Kupp being reliable out of the rest. I wasn’t happy with SF’s showing last week and SEA has a superior offense to ARI. Should I play SF anyway or bench them and stream PIT for a week? Full PPR, thanks loads.

I have the same decision to make this week. I’ve been leaning towards Pittsburg as well but not exactly confident with either decision

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I’m playing SF this week in the hopes that they are fired up over taking the Arizona offense too lightly.

I’m not super confident though lol.

I think Pittsburgh is the better play because Goff…on the road.

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lol Indeed… plus I’m thinking the LB that SF lost might be affecting them more than expected.

What about PIT or Buffalo? My gut tells me PIT but Buffalos matchup against Cleveland is juicy.

Between those two I’d probably pick BUF. Only Chubb is reliable for the Browns, and we don’t know what Hunt will bring.

Welp…guess I should have listened to my gut and played PITs defense…oh well, their schedule is awesome ROS

I did end up choosing PIT last minute and I’m happy with the results, but can’t really say if it was the right decision until we see what SF does tonight.

Oddly enough I’m now hoping SF has a bad game - I’m 39 points down, my opponent has played everyone and all I have left is Carson. Not impossible, Drake gashed them last week and Carson’s better than him, and I think there have been 7 or 8 39+ games by RBs this year, but a tall order indeed.