PIT or ARZ Def this week? (EDIT)...also...Woods over Ju Ju

PIT has a GREAT ROS, but they’ve got TEN this week. So I grabbed ARZ for this week. GOOD??? NO???

Bumping since PIT/TEN play tomorrow night. Might not get a chance to check back here or change roster. LONG day tomorrow…might barely get home in time for kick-off. BIG TY for any feedback. (Not always a chance to change anything at work…as in…check into internet)

Also…would y’all play Ju Ju over Woods this week??? Got Woods starting…but…Dadgummit!!!..suddenly re-thinking him over Ju Ju!!! (just added this to my title)

Arizona is the better play this week, but Steelers are amazing for week 16 (if you’re a big time contender). Only roster both if you can afford to.

And this is a tough one, but I’m leaning juju. I could completely be wrong though, if rhodes decides to shadow watkins. Go with your gut here, no one in the world can advise you what’s better here. My gut is juju.

Cool. Pretty much my thoughts on ARZ and PIT, but always nice to have that second, third, fourth (etc) opinion. Yeah…as for Ju Ju or Woods…my gut is kinda leaning Ju Ju’s way as well. Only prob is…my gut sometimes gets it’s leaning turned around somehow. LOL But thanks a bunch for your thoughts!!!