Pitt D dropped

So the team that had the Pittsburgh D dropped them due to byes killing their team this week and facing baltimore. I have the colts D and dont have space to roster 2 should I just take the rough week against Baltimore and run Pitts D the rest of the year?

Yea pick them up. Honestly wouldn’t even consider it a rough week. Worst defences than the Steelers have have decent games against Baltimore. Pitt has a great defence Baltimore doesn’t scare me away from playing them

oddly looking at points in our league Colts D is 3 on the year and Pitt is 4
Pitt has nice games with Dallas Cincy Jags Was cincy again
Colts face a much tougher schedule going forward in my eyes (Bal, Ten x2, GB
, Hou x2)

I think your right and i just needed to hear some reassurance so thanks im gonna make that move

Honestly you’ll be okay rest of the season with either D on your roster. At the end of it I don’t think it will a crazy difference in total points between the two but I think Pitt definitely has a lot more upside with their schedule

Yup i made the move which helps make my decision on Herbert or Lamar a bit easier and stay away from playing against myself