Pittman rest of season?

With the wire being so scarce this week I was thinking of picking up one or two guys that could have some decent upside if my main guys had tough matchups and I was looking to pivot. Pittman is available but the receivers I have on my team right now include Golladay, Fuller V, Jefferson, Tee Higgins, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jalen Raegor. I would love to pick up maybe another running back but those are harder to find. Any help is greatly appreciated! (Oh and standard scoring)

I’d probably drop sanders for Pittman. When will you feel comfortable playing sanders? Pittman could start some consistent production as the WR1 for the colts. If not, drop him and try someone else.

100% drop Sanders for Pittman. Pittman has a great schedule going forward and Hill is a big question mark at QB.