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Pittsburg Oerload?


I have Big Ben as my qb1 with Brown. Now that Bryant is off suspension, should I market him my WR 2. Big Ben is not that good on the road but they open in Cleveland. Am I putting too many eggs in one basket? Crabtree is my current zwr2. Anderson and Powell are in my flex spots.


I would stick with Ben and Brown and move on. I’m not sure Ben has supported 2 receivers with consistency in the past and I would avoid that many players on the same team anyhow.


Three players on the same team , you should avoid . Ben and Brown will get you around 35 points in PPR , Pro football focus . The ballers are higher.

If you stream QB, you will be OK for week one. But all year with Ben , not for me, he wants to retire. Home splits and injury also as you know.


Thanks, I may see what I can get for Bryant in a trade.