Pittsburgh RB trade offer!

I was offered Saquon Barkley for Bell and Connor. My team is 2-3 and listed below .5ppr. Would you do it??

Cam newton
James white
James Connor
Tyreek hill
Calvin Ridley
Marshawn lynch

Buck Allen
Alf Morris
Robbie Anderson

Leveon Bell on IR

tough one, bell is so up in the air and saquon is so consistent. but if he comes back bell has a higher ceiling. I’d probs hold Saquon for now

I was offered Saquon for Bell/Connor

Nope, you have all the leverage here. Connor has been really good, and what is your downside to keeping him? If Bell comes back than you have THE #1 option and if they stick with Connor than you have someone pretty close to Saquads.

If they trade Bell then you’re in an even better situation.

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That’s what I was thinking.