Pivot from Bills DST?

My gut does not feel good about the Bills this week @ Cleveland. That said, should I stick with them since the best available team is the Rams @ Pitt. Thoughts?

I would stick with them, Baker loves throwing picks and Kitchens has proven he’s too stubborn to make changes. If anything Kareem Hunt coming in and possibly taking carry’s away from Chubb makes it an even better defensive match-up. Less Chubb, more Baker equals pick 6’s and strip sacks :+1:

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I get that but the Rams were just on bye and thats interesting to me as they are fresh and possibly destroy Rudolph and the short passing. Plus Tomlin wants Rudolph to throw down field more and he is Meh.

Good point and it’s still a Wade Phillip’s defense (lifelong Broncos fan :sunglasses:). If I was you I’d look at it like if you had James Conner and Jaylen Samuel’s or Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, which one of those two would you start? Whatever your answer is start the defense of the two you wouldn’t start…

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Hmm thats tough too but would probably start Conner and Samuels. Ohh, Chiefs are on waivers as well, I over looked them. Thoughts with them?

News just broke, Conner is not expected to play, this is intriguing with my decision.

I saw that too, I’d go with the Rams at this point. KC is 30th vs the run and Tannehill has actually been pretty good, I smell a shootout with Mahomes probably returning. Stay away from KC this week lol

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@beske187 did you go with rams? If you did I know you’re happy lol