Pivot from Devante Adams?

1-2 with an underperforming roster.

10 team 1/2 ppr

RB’s: Bell, Jacobs, Mack, Ronald Jones, Latavius Murray
WR’s: Adams, Golloday, Boyd, Maclaurin, Debo Samuel
TE: Ertz

Got offered Adams for Freeman and Connor should I take it or ride it out? What do y’all think.

That is a tough one but I am not ready to move away from Adams. I would try to pivot and try a trade for Conner and one of their WR2 caliber players

You would be left pretty thin at WR if you moved from Adams and I like your Bell, Jacobs, and Mack RB depth. Adding Connor and Freeman would just clog up your roster. Getting a high-end WR2 or back end WR1 would be a worth the move.

Green Bay likely started with the toughest WR matchups to begin the season. @Chicago, Minnesota and @Denver is a tough stretch for a #1 WR. I still would assume better days are ahead for Adams.

Adams is a player I’d love to pick up now. I think his value is as low as it’ll be all season. If you’re going to move him, do it after a big game. Right now you will not get offers you probably can in a week or two after he performs. Worst case you can get similar to what you get now in my opinion