Pivot from J.Jacobs

I’m worried I’ll have to pivot from J.Jacobs. Here are my options:


Looking for a safe play with my RB2.

I have C.MC., L.Jackson, M.Evans, D.Parker so I don’t need to take any unnecessary risks.

Thanks #footclan!!!

Bell is out for sure so I think Powell will see the most work, then Penny then Mattison, so that would be my order. I am also playing Powell this week in a full PPR over Mattison

Josh Jacobs has had this injury for over a month, do you think this is the game that he misses? I would keep him in until news finally releases but if you are in a must win then error on side of safety and roll Powell

Thank you. The problem I’m facing is that Powell is and 11 am start and Jacobs is a 2 pm start.

This is a tough one :confused: