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Pivoting off TB12


I have an offer on the table in a full-PPR league:

I receive:
Matt Ryan

I lose:
Phillip Lindsay

Normally I would never consider this, but week 16 scares me because I expect the Pats to destroy the Bills before halftime, leading to a mediocre fantasy performance for TB12. Lindsay is currently my RB3 and assuming no injuries won’t see my starting lineup ROS(my team is front loaded with studs at WR & RB) thanks to a number of trades. I don’t want to run the table only to trip on the finish line because my QB barely played because of his matchup.
I’m considering making a counter where I get one of his RBs in return as well. His RBs: Kamara, mike Davis, McCoy, Collins, Bernard(I don’t own Mixon) & Montgomery

Also do y’all think I’m putting too much weight on the playoff schedule?


The Pats may not have the conference wrapped up by week 16. Sure they may put 25 on them in the first half but I’m not so sure Belichick takes him out right then and there (He’s usually reluctant to). I wouldn’t make this trade because of Brady’s matchup.

THAT BEING SAID, I’d seriously consider this trade. Falcons and Panthers week 16? Possibly for the Falcons’ playoff lives? That game’s going to end 41-40 and it if your roster’s as good as you say, Ryan could be the guy to put you over the top and win the title. I hate giving up Lindsay, so I’d counter with your RB4 or a flex WR, but this could be a league winning move


I don’t expect him to get pulled, I meant more so they’ll heavily lean on the run and my league has big game/play multipliers. So a good QB performance in my league nets 50-60+ pts(it drives me nuts sometimes) and a decent game is 30pts. I am nervous my superteam could be -30 at the QB position in the most important game.


Ok then I’d definitely do the trade. I can’t see the Falcons Panthers game being a run heavy game. I’d still do my best to avoid giving up Lindsay because he’s as good a plug in start as you could want but if you have to than I’d do it.


Don’t see way you couldn’t do a 1-1 trade. Brady has the name value.


Everyone in my league knows my team is stupid loaded they’re going to make trades tough.


This is a 12 team league too