Plan for playoff push at the QB position

I’ve been riding tyrod the past few weeks and was hoping to have him up to and throughout the playoffs because of his upcoming schedule. Im not sure what to do now with him being benched.

I just picked up Eli Manning to stream this week.

I was considering the possibility of Teddy Bridgewater or maybe picking up Nathan Peterman… or should I simply go week to week with the matchups? What kind of matchups are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

These are the waiver wire QBs in my league right now. I’m curious as to what people in my shoes might be doing as well as any thoughts or advice.

On the waiver:
Jay Cutler
Blake Bortles
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Joe Flacco
Mitch Trubisky
Deshone Kizer
Blaine Gabbert

My team:
Eli Manning
Brandin cooks
Dem. Thomas
Melvin Gordon
Lamar Miller
Zach Ertz
Robert woods

Jake Elliot
Detroit DST

Alfred Morris
Robby Anderson
Isaiah crowell
Austin ekeler
Danny woodhead
Nate Peterman

I’m gonna need to stream also and planning to use Fitzpatrick this week, maybe someone else not quite sure just yet. In my other league I got Goff so I’m hoping he continues his hot streak.

Then a mix of Manning, Cutler and Bortles.

I’m keeping my eyes on Peterman in Buf just to see if he’s usable since their schedule looks good after this week.

In a similar spot following the Watson injury. I’m okay firing up Eli this week and stashed Bridgewater. Keenum played well last week but Vikings want to play Teddy, so fingers crossed from a switch soon. Kizer has played better lately, obv not against Jax this week though but moving forward…

Yeah I had Teddy 2 weeks ago but had to drop him. Now I’m hoping Peterman can do something just because of the schedule. Teddy might find his way on to my roster, their defense is just so stout so I’m scared he won’t have to do much. Kizer’s schedule is pretty scary to me. I like the prospect of Eli having to come back every game. So I’ll stream him this week and watch Teddy and Nathan.

Yeah I wish I had picked up Goff, I was so close. Might I ask why you’re rolling with Fitz this week? I like the idea of manning having to air it out 24/7 against the chief’s solid front line.

You’re going to throw up reading this… but Bortles is a great play this week imo. Great matchu against the Browns. Browns have a pretty good run defense, which will force Bortles to throw. If I were in your position, I’d be going Bortles here.

I feel it and bortles was my initial idea. My only problem with it is that their defense is so good I don’t know if Cleveland will be able to do anything to warrant Blake bortles to score. Manning will be forced to throw I think.

I don’t know man it’s tough definitely between Manning and bortles for me.

Leonard fournette is looking to still be injured so I might have to get bortles in my line up.

Yeah hoping Evans’ return will help conjure up some Fitzmagic. I don’t know maybe seeing the Fins getting torched makes me feel more comfortable with Fitz but maybe I’ll pick up someone else.

Bortles is tempting but I’m a bit concerned with the wind reports. Funny that @mike mentioned that he didn’t check the weather report for a Lions game a few years back and then recommends Bortles who’s playing in a game that’s supposed to be windy.

Would u trade Shady for Wentz and Alshon Jeff full ppr league