Planning a keeper

For the first time our league decided we would have one keeper for next year. I’m out of playoffs this year and looking to plan ahead. We decided keepers would be drafted in the same round as they were this year. I recently traded for CMC thinking that if I drafted anywhere after the first couple of picks and kept CMC in the first I would be starting the season ahead. Looking at my team, I could keep Keenan Allen in the 4th which is somewhat interesting or could keep Justin Jefferson in the 11th which is very interesting. I just grabbed Tony Pollard off waivers for the off-chance that Zeke is no longer with the Cowboys next year. Which of those 4 options are your favorite? Are there any other lower drafted or even undrafted guys I should target to make my keeper even better?

CMC is an advantage wherever you keep him. I’m in a keeper league and one guy has kept him for some time and always does pretty well. But yes if you’re early enough you can get a stud rub like Kamara and keep someone like Allen in the 4th. Or Jefferson in the 11th.

RBs depends how you want to structure but those decisions can’t really be made until the off season unfolds

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Keep Jefferson, best value… There will be someone almost as good as cmc for you to draft rd 1, and considering the injuries idk if he’s worth the risk anyway. Jefferson will be a stud for years to come and you’ll get him every draft for nothing

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