Planning ahead for keepers?

I’m in the first year of a keeper league much like the ballers league of record. My first league like this.
Pick one franchise player, then three players to go in a lottery to keep two. The players in the lottery can’t pave the same position as the franchised player.

My current roster is as follows:
RB: Chubb, Henderson, Connor, Ty Johnson, Akers
WR: Adam’s, Mclaurin, AB, Laundry, Aiyuk, Ruggs, Toney, T. Patrick
TE: Knox

Trying to plan ahead for my keepers, if I would franchise one of Mclaurin or Adams, and trade the other for a better RB with (Chubb, Akers, trade Rb) in the lottery. Or keep Chubb and enter 3 Wrs into the lottery.

Thoughts? Is there a better option for me to do?

This is way too early to be thinking about, to be honest. Too many variables to give meaningful advice. Focus on winning THIS season, not having a good roster for next year. Speaking of, why do you have Akers on your roster?

The league has two IR slots, so I picked him with my last pick in the draft as a possible keeper. I have been lucky so far but if injuries become a problem I’d let him go.