Planning for the play-offs - Advice Needed!

Sitting in first place at 7-2 in a 12 man full PPR league. I always make it to the play-offs and never win. This year I want to start planning for the play-offs.

My team right now:
QB - Rodgers / Bridgewater
RB - Chubb, Edmonds, J. Conner, L. Murray, Ty Johnson, A. Peterson, Wilson Jr.
WR - Hill, Samuel, Pittman Jr., E. Sanders
TE - Andrews
DEF - Cardinals
K - Tucker

I feel like I need help at the WR for the upcoming BYE week for Hill and Pittman Jr. I am lucky to have Edmonds handcuff. Freeman is on the waiver wire too. Any thoughts on picking up TEN defense for the play-offs?

Any advice would be helpful!

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CLE is a good DST as well to consider, but I think ARI should get you through RoS.

I’d try landing Freeman as you might be down Chubb due to Covid. That said, if D Johnson (CLE) is out there he could be a nice grab. I like Conner this week and Ty Johnson might not be bad especially if White is back at QB.

Maybe you could break MAndrews into Freiermuth and something WR? Just as an alternate thought. I know MAndrews is doing well, and I’m not just reacting to last night’s game.

Weirdly, I might consider Deebo as he should get a big return.

I’m not sure who you should be targeting rn though, as most my suggestions just blew up this weekend. They’ve become hard to acquire for the short term.

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Thank you!

I have $98 of FAAB left that I might try to get Freeman just as a handcuff.

I’ve been pretty happy with my team so far. I just want to make sure it doesn’t fall apart during play-offs.

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I would look for D Johnson (CLE) as well. Just as a fallback if nothing else on the chance others want Freeman.

Also, pretty sure I’m in a league with you (not this one), so don’t use this against me :ghost: