Play Both Michel and White?

Half PPR Start 2 RB and 2 Flex. I have Michel and White in my dynasty league. Would you play both guys tonight against the Colts? Michel is a must start to me but I’m not sure about White. Some guys that I would be starting White over include: Calvin Ridley, Aaron Jones, Lockett, D. Thomas.

Thanks in advance.

Edelman will be back and that will cut into whites role, he had great value last week but it wont translate week to week

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Ridley and a jones both have good matchups

I’d go Calvin Ridley, the Steelers entire half of the field in their secondary is a mess. Two of their rotating corners on one side of the field are combining to give up a nearly perfect passer rating and the safety over the top is a rookie who is looking VERY much like a rookie…

An annoyed Steeler fan

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I disagree. how many games did Edelman play with Dion lewis being a beast? Exactly! White is still an every week play. The issue in NE has always been when they rotate 3-4 RBs, not that the RBs don’t get work.

Funny, they didnt have sony michel last year and they let dion lewis walk so its not the player, for new england, its the position they are plugged into. Thats why certain week we will see some running back and other weeks we wont. New england has had no recievers this year (hence why they traded for gordon) so with gordon getting acclamated and edelman coming back, james white will not be getting 8 or 9 targets a game, it will go down to 4, maybe 5. When you look at his other roster options, THIS WEEK, he has better options woth higher ceilings

Never said james white wont be good ROS but he is a week to week review

NE doesn’t care who the player is. My point is that for once NE is down to 2 startable RBs. Normally they have 3-4. because of that and how they use their RBs both are now every week starts regardless of who the WRs are. for like the last 4 years it’s never been that NE doesn’t get points to RBs, every game they’ve had points on RBS the problem with 4 is you never knew which 2 they’d be, now we know.

They also have kenjon barner, if he eats into anyones role in the backfield i dont think it would be michels

James white always has the chance to do well, starting 2 patriot running backs, even if we think we know who they are, is a scary bet. may pay off or playing someone else may be better as well

I wouldn’t play both. I would just play Michel. Take a look at below for the last 4 games patriots played against the colts. Spoiler alert, they ran the freking ball:

2014: NE @ IND W 42-20, Jonas Gray, 37 Carries, 201 yards, 4 TD, 44.1 PPR points
2014: NE vs. IND W 43-22, Blount, 24 Carries, 166 yards, 4 TD, 40.6 PPR points
2015: NE vs. IND W 45-7, Blount, 30 Carries, 148 yards, 3 TD
2015: NE @ IND 34-27, Blount, 16 Attempts, 93 yards, 1 TD, 1 rec, 11 yards, 1 rec TD, 23.4 PPR points

One limiting factor to this is no more pagano who was a garbage coach but at the same time, colts haven’t been able to stop the run all year either and NE are heavy favorites (-10 points) at home at gilette. Give me the dude running the ball.

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Well it looks like I should of started White over Michel. Damn Patriots, you can never tell what they are going to do.

Man it all changed cause of that 2nd run. Michel actually got in but Bill probably didn’t want to waste a challenge cause this game wasn’t even close. But I stand by what I said, i chase the volume and Michel has 100% market share on goal line carries. That’s going to be valuable going forward.

But I must say, white is also getting super involved. Maybe both are worth starting in certain matchups. I’d still want michel over white ROS although in full PPR, it’s closer.