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Play latavius murray or chris ivory this week?


Is a super deep league, 16 teams, standard scoring.
My rbs are kamara, kerryon, shady mccoy, breida, latavius murray and chris ivory
Kamara and kerryon are on bye, breida questionable/game time decision, on a monday night game, so there’s no way im keeping him on my line up, because i dont have anyone to play if hes out.
So im left with mccoy + latavius murray or chris ivory
I know i doesnt make sense playing shady and ivory, but ivory seems to be playing better than mccoy this last weeks. If cook is out, im going with murray, but if he plays, do i keep murray on my line up?


Cook will likely be a non-factor in a home game they’re supposed to win, I’d roll with Murray because you have to assume he’s going to be used heavily in the second half to kill clock.


thanks man, hope they can finally get the run game going against one of the worst defenses in the league


Cook is on a pitch count officially and will be eased into action officially according to twitter and all those talking heads…


I have to decide between cook and Aaron jones. I’m just not sold on cook on a pitch count, but lat Murray has been so mad. There are going to be 1-2 rushing tds for Minnesota today, pick your poison with who gets them.


cook playing just a few snaps makes me want to start latavius, think i will give him a last chance before giving up on him lol
I could also pick up bibbs from the waivers, because chris thompson is not playing, so
bibbs or murray?


oh, i’d definitely go aaron jones on this one, cook cant be trusted, he can either be 80% and score a TD and save your fantasy day, or he can go full fournette and reinjure his hammy. I would give him cook another week on the bench to be 100%


I hope so … Min is the only team with no rushing TD


just got a notification from the sleeper app that cook is out this week! Please murray have 30+ touches and some goal line carries lol need those tds


it worked lol latavius murray saved my fantasy team