Play no DEF to keep handcuff?

Half ppr league.
My team is Qb Lamar, Stafford
Rbs Cook, Kamara, Jacobs,Coleman, Singletary and Mattison
Wrs Adams, Woods, DJ Moore, Marvin Jones and Gallup
TE Herndon
Should I drop Mattison and pick up a DEF, It would be the Vikings. Should I drop someone else?

You’ll never use singletary. If cook goes down mattison automatically becomes an rb1

Yes you need to play the points in the def. if cook goes down then you have the depth anyways and might be able to get mattison back anyways. I’d go for the points and have faith in cook

singaltary has a really good schedule upcoming and no bye week

Then drop jones or Gallup. No way you use all those guys. Cook is your best player. If he goes down mattison looks like very promising