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Play off assistance

I need some help…who’s team would you rather face in the first round of the playoffs? This is a 10 team, PPR league with two week rounds. I have attached both teams matchups for the two weeks.

I am going Josh Allen on this one. Personally I think the WR and TE groups are a wash. I know Robinson has been doing well but he has a division road game and then at home against Dallas. I don’t have much faith in Mitch in these games.

I think CMC is better than Chubb but Henry is better than Gordon so RB area wash too.

Defense will be streamed I’m assuming

Kickers no way to gauge that

So realistically it comes down to QB and Flex and I would much rather Face Allen / Williams over Jackson /Sutton.

Thanks for the insight. Luckily I am facing the Allen owner.

Agree. That Allen matchup probably won’t be a cake walk but should be pretty easy to pull off. The other one is going to be ridiculously hard.