Play-off bound advice - want to be 2nd seed


Thank you for all the advice throughout the year so far! I am in a 10 man Full PPR league. Right now I am sitting 3rd in our league at 8-4. This week I am going up against my opponent who is staked with Mahomes, A. Brown, R. Woods, and T. Kelce. They all have very favorable match-ups. I am favored right now by 2 points. As of right now this is my line-up:

QB - Wilson
RB - Kamara and Chubb
WR - Sanders and Boyd
TE - Gronk
Flex - Ekeler
K - Bailey

Bench: Gordon (out), Tate, Broncos, G. Edwards, Rivers, Humphries, and David Moore.

Any thoughts/advice for the rest of the season? This is the last week of regular season before play-offs begin. Thank you!

id take a look at the available defenses, see who is out there with great end of season matchups, Ive scooped Bills or Titans in various leagues.

14 - NYJ 30th
15 - DET 25th
16 - NE 5th probably put in my main defense this week

14 - Jax 24th
15 - NYG 22nd
16 - WAS 18th

also as a wilson owner, i have scooped Baker for a potential week 14 play, Wilson going up against Vikings (6th defense, held brees to 199 and no TD) where Baker plays Panthers at home (27th and have been gashed).

I appreciate the help! Unfortunately, Baker is not available. Winston is available (NO, BAL, DAL) and Prescott (PHI, IND, TB). I will also pick up the Bills DST.

i scooped dak in another leage, trust him more than i trust winston