Play off RB pick up

I want to align a bit to a nice play off roll with a easy schedule running back.

Picking this RB up will have me dropping Alfred Morris. I’m ok with that

Unless you think he is the better hold for play off’s

My thoughts were

Pick up

R. Burkhead
D. Lewis
T. Coleman

I think the ravens are also suppose to have a easy schedule and Buck Allen is still out there. But he might loose some snaps.

Any ideas guys?

Currently holding

A. Kamera
Full PPR

other options


thanks in advance

If you’re in a full PPR I’d see if Woodhead is still out there, I like him much more than Buck Allen.

As a current Buck Allen holder who’s been pretty great considering he was free. When would you say you could completely cut him?

Woodhead is out there. This season is just so unknown with him coming back from IR