Play Taysom, or wait for Hurts on Tues?

4pt / passing TD league

Planned to start Hurts vs a WAS Def decimated by COVID (while Taysom faces Tampa)… though obviously there’s some concern about how much he’ll be able to run b/c of his ankle.

Have a bit more trepidation now that the Phili game got postponed until Tues. WAS is getting a lot of their defenders back. On the upside, Hurts will have more time to rest his ankle. However, if the Eagles do decide to sit him it could leave me in a bad spot.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Feel free to ask a Q of your own in your response if you’d like my take.

With their current situations I’d go with Taysom. Reasoning is below.

They both should have a decent floor since they’re both running quarterbacks. The ankle injury on Hurts does make it more interesting. If they were both guaranteed to play I’d play Hurts, but since he’s not playing until Tuesday, has an injury, and could be put on Covid list anytime, I’d go with Taysom

That is very helpful. It Hurts (pun intended) after all he’s done for my team this year, but I’m leaning the same direction. Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness.

I’m in the same situation, I personally am taking the risk and going hurts but I think going hill to be safe is perfectly fine

I going to take it up to tomorrow night. If my match-up is going well enough, I’ll probably take the safer bet with Hill. If it looks like I’m gonna’ need more upside, I’ll roll with Hurts & try to get Minshew on my roster as a failsafe. Best of luck this week!