Play with an empty roster spot?

So Carson being ruled out has put me in a tough spot. Due to the late start, there’s no other RB’s on the roster I can sub in for him at this point. Buck Allen is available as a free agent. Adding him would mean dropping Benjamin Watson (filling in at TE with Reed on bye) and playing with an empty TE spot.

Is that frowned upon?

Personally would rather fill the rb position than te but it depends on your league lol, I’ve done it before with a kicker

What is on your bench? There must be something else you can drop rather than playing with an empty spot.

Only Jordan Reed on bye week. Everyone else on the Bench had the early games and can’t be dropped now

Have you tried @Hazel11? To drop someone from your bench who has finished playing? None of the games have finished yet so I assume not. I am able to do that in my league though, idk abt yours. I can drop players who have played their game to completion but were on my bench for the week.

Good idea, but you can’t do that. Players are undroppable once they start playing

@Hazel11 Works in my Yahoo league 100% surprisingly. Are you on Yahoo? And only for players who were on the bench and have finished playing, that is.

I don’t recall ever even attempting to do this before this season in my entire Fantasy career, but it’s been clutch a couple times for me the past 2 weeks. I thought it was a glitch at first.

Lmk if you do try it (on Yahoo) bc I was trying to find out if my league has a setting that allows it for somebody else here on the forum, but I don’t see any setting that would correspond to that functionality at all.

Dang I should’ve checked your reply to let you know sooner in case you didn’t sort it out a diff way My bad @Hazel11 hopefully it works for future reference at least