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Played against Gurley last night, should I adjust my line up?


So my opponent had Todd Gurely play last night. My question is should I adjust line up based on his performance? (ei Demaryius for someone with more upside). PS this is standard scoring.
I am currently starting:

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: Freeman, K Hunt
WR: Jordy, Demarius Thomas
Flex: Dalvin Cook
TE: Reed
D/ST: Ravens
K: Pratter

on the bench the only people I have of note are Pryor, Jordan Howard, Abdullah, Maclin, Jared Cook

If it helps my opponents line up is:

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Gurley, Ingram
Wr: Julio, Fitzgerald
Flex: Crabtree
Te: Fleener
D/ST: Steelers
K: Lutz


I have dt and I think I might sit him for some mine with more upside. I think the backs get a lot of work in that game


Is reed even going to play this week??

I really like dalvin, but i may flex abdullah here. I dont remember off top of my head who cook gets this week, but i know abdullah gets the falcons and that should be a nice match up for the running backs, come to think of it cook is against tampa, if they end up playing catch up idk what the script looks like for dalvin. Ill probably be sitting him for derrick henry in my flex just for reference. I think everything else looks good. again thats just what i would do. I think damarious has pretty good td upside.

edit: its going to come down to whether or not your rb core can match his rb core and whether or not julio has a big boy game or a small timer game. if ingram doesnt do anything then its basically freeman and hint covering the 30 points that gurley put up and thats not hard to do. jordy could have the same size game as julio and i would bet that demarious outscores fitz by at least 5 points. te is gonna te who knows what happens there. flex is the toughest to predict here, i think crabtree is going to get some good work so again the flex is the only place you will need to find someone to match/beat crabtrees score.