Played against Saquon and Alshon need help, Amari Cooper or Allison

Do I go with Allison? No Cobb again and Aaron Rogers on Monday Night Football?


Amari Cooper in London? you never know whats going to happen in those london games

allison is supposed to be a game time decision. Unless you have someone to play in case he’s out, you should go amari pooper

oh man, i thought he was starting. I guess I just cooped in my big boy pants

nfl app says: “Allison appears to be a true game-time decision going into Monday evening”

Yeah man, you’re stuck with coops lol but look on the bright side, he has had a bad game, then a great game, and last week was a really bad game, so lets hope he gets that 15 to 20 points and then i can package trade him to someone willing to start him haha

yupp i want to dump him and fournette somewhere, they havent had anything to do with my wins and have great name value

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good luck with your matchup!

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