Player debate - david johnson vs saquon

Is it crazy that I am debating Saquon over DJ at the #4 (STANDARD - 12 TEAM - SNAKE DRAFT)? Researching DJ’s offensive line in 2016, for his break out year, AZ was top 10 (in OL). This year, they are bottom 5. Yes, DAVVIDDDD JOHNSSONNN (wooooo hoooooo hooooooo) is the work horse, extremely talented but the AZ offense as a whole will possibly see a big/negative regression.
SAQUADS - has an improved OL (i use ‘improved’ loosely), a potential extremely high scoring offense - not allowing teams to stack the box like they can for Arizona - and on top of being a freak of nature.
I am debating this so hard because of my bias of being a die hard giants fan…
I’d really love to know your thoughts.

Where was this high scoring offense last year? Yes, I get that they had a ton of injuries but I wouldn’t be too quick to assume that they are suddenly a high powered offense - especially with their schedule.

If it’s me, I’m probably going with David Johnson just because we have NFL history to look at. All that being said, I do like Saquon this year and I don’t think that it’s a ton of risk to take him over David Johnson. The hamstring is a little scary but it’s not like DJ has been completely healthy either.

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I’m debating the same thing. I’m leaning saquon for the points you’ve mentioned. He does have a hard SOS though.