Player recovers Fumble

My player Mike Evans recovered a fumble for a TD and commish is telling me that it’s not part of scoring settings so no points. I’m playing him. Fair or not fair?

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It should count just the same as a someone returning a punt, etc. I would assume.

I’d check league settings and I’d check the log to see if he changed any settings if that’s available to you.


Crazy thing is that this is a league with IDP…so how can you justify not rewarding an offense player scoring on a recovered fumble when a D player can? BTW are match up is going down to the wire right now

It counted in my yahoo league today and I don’t mess with those settings very much on things like that so it’s pretty much standard.

It counted in my ESPN league.
Its a “misc TD” for their scoring. it would be like the TD tyreke or kamara get if they run one back from a punt/kick

So we all agree this is BS…it’s a yahoo league. I’m calling the commissioner on shinanagens and a league response but his being petty about it.

Check and see if he changed any scoring settings.

If he had it set up not to count from the start of the year it isn’t any funny business.

If he went in and changed it today that would be some BS. You should be able to see that on your main league page towards the bottom any time someone edits the rules.

I forgot to give scoring for fgs under 20 yards when I set up league this season so I had to add it week one when people started complaining. It let me change it and showed the changes listed under commish updates.

You should easily be able to see if he changed it.

I’m not arguing with him about changing the settings my argument is that in league settings it has fumble recovery and fumble recovery for TD as points…but apparently when it’s a offensive player who recovers a fumble for a TD it doesn’t count…he and I are still going down to the wire in this matchup so those extra 7 points would help a lot

I manage a yahoo league. In our league it shows Mike Evans - Fumble Recovery TD. It does count. You should check the settings to determine when it was changed in your league, if it was. That’s really the only way you can determine if something funny is going on, not by having us tell you when we don’t know your league settings.

Our league is seven years old so I don’t know when that was added, if it was something standard with all yahoo leagues, etc, but it seems like it should be normal to get credit for that.

Yeah I’m in an ESPN league and it counted. I’m the commissioner this year as well and didn’t change any settings so it’s standard. If it says it counts in your setting then the only way it wouldn’t count is if your commish made the change. What they are telling you to do is check and see when the change was made. If it was made prior to the start of the season it was legit. If not, then it’s BS because that means your commish changed it mid game or tampered with your score. There should be a tab in whatever league your in the says League Manager Activity or something similar. This will show if any changes were made.

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In our league on ESPN, a punt return would then make the player part of the D/ST (special teams). So it wouldn’t count toward Evans as a WR. BUT…that wasn’t the case in today’s game. So @Fecker…not sure how Yahoo works, BUT…somehow this whole thing sounds a little hoakey!!! I would def check into this for Commish “UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT”!!!

yahoo league and Evans owner . It alerted and gave full points for the fumble recovery TD

My opponent has Mike, it counted for him so it should count in your league in my opinion a TD is a TD.

It absolutely should count. Check your league settings and let us know if he changed them recently.

I have a brand new Yahoo league in which that setting has never been touched and it counted.

Further to my previous comment, check Tyreke Hill’s week 1 stats in your league.
It doesn’t show in the box score but he got credited with the run back in my league.

it should count this week

It’s weird that so many are showing it as counting in their leagues, because it’s not in mine. I am 35 points ahead with Mahomes and Kelce still to play (he has Tyreek), so it’s not like I need the points, but weird that it isn’t showing.


@Windowlicker See, in mine, it doesn’t show the fumble recovery. 0.5 PPR, and he only has 24 points in my league.

The above picture is how his line looks in our yahoo league.