Player renting, with a twist

So I am playing a 4-4 team this week and his QB1 is on a bye so he’s rolling with Mariota. I am currently in 3rd place in my league at 6-2. The team ahead of me (7-1) just traded Flacco to the team I’m playing this week, straight up for Mariota, with the understanding that Flacco would be dropped next week so 7-1 can use him for his bye week.
Now, I realize we’re not talking about Rodgers for Peterman, but it’s the intent that matters here, as far as I’m concerned. Mariota does not make 7-1 better, me losing to the 4-4 team makes him better. To me, that’s attempting to sabotage another team via trade.

The twist is that I am the commish, and if you’re a commish on CBS you know that trade approval requests come through with the comments attached. So I know for certain that is what they are doing because I can see their comments. I do not veto trades, but if this hadn’t involved me directly, I would’ve messaged both owners and asked them to rethink things. Since I am directly involved, I’m in a bind.

That’s a tough spot to be in as a commish. On the surface there is nothing wrong with Player A trading to Player B to fill his bye and then dropping said player to waivers afterwards. What is worrisome is the fact the comments are saying as such to intentionally beat you. Since this involves you as a party you have to remove yourself from the situation. I would throw this out to the league and let them vote on it. It’s the only way to remain impartial and keep the trust that the league has in a commish.