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Player value


Before our rookie draft I acquired Terrelle Pryor for a 2nd round pick. I have had a lot of trade offers for him since. Just wondering what everyone thinks of his value this year?


@AndyHolloway and I disagree on him quite a bit. I think he’ll be a WR3, he thinks he will be much better than that. EITHER way, your trade is incredible. His value as a proven commodity is worth far more than a 2nd round hope. Good trade!


I also have done some lower level trades recently after our rookie draft. Received Joe Williams for Jonathan Stewart and received Jeremy Hill/LeGarrette Blount for Latavius Murray/Jeremy Langford


Terrelle Pryor should easily command at least a first round rookie pick in a trade right now. You got amazing value.


I also traded my first round pick, Richard Matthews and Will Fuller for
Fitz, Snead and the Patriots backfield (Gillislee, Lewis and White)


Good on you, excellent trade. You got a proven commodity with a very high ceiling. No regrets.


Great trade! Those are the types of exploits that need to be made with overvalued rookie picks. As far as what to expect this year, I would expect a WR2 with WR1 upside if he and Cousins click early on. He is stepping into a X receiver role with a lot of targets vacated with Garcon and Jackson gone. If #Rule86 gets injured at any point this season, which is an inevitability, it’s wheels up for him and Crowdaaaahhhh.